Best courses after 12th

Best courses after 12th : Do these top 10 courses after 12th !

Best courses after 12th : Class 12th result has been declared. Many students have achieved great success in this exam. But now many students and parents are wondering what to do next. If you too have these questions or are confused about which course to take after 12th then this news can be helpful for you.

You must have passed 12th and now want to start earning by doing a course quickly. So here we are telling you 10 courses which will fetch you packages worth lakhs. Let’s know the top 10 courses that can be taken after 12th.

Best courses after 12th

Animation Designing

  • If you are a creative thinker then you can do animation designing course. Animation designing courses ranging from certificate to diploma are conducted in various institutes across the country. After doing this course you can earn 25 to 30 thousand rupees initially. But with experience your salary can reach lakhs of rupees.

Interior Designing

  • If you are interested in painting etc you can also do interior designing course. There are many institutes across the country that offer interior designing courses. After completing the course you can easily get a job for Rs 35-40 thousand. Salary increases significantly with experience.

Programmatic, Website, Software Designing

  • You can also do programmatic, website, software or app courses. You can also do short term courses if you are a science major. After completing this course you can easily earn 30 to 40 thousand rupees per month.

Fitness Instructor

  • You can also pursue a career in the field of fitness instructor. Because nowadays people are more active when it comes to fitness. In such situations, people also hire fitness trainers to keep themselves fit. Apart from this, fitness trainers are also required in gyms etc. You can also earn good income by doing fitness trainer course.

Career in Yoga

  • After 12th you can also pursue a career in Yoga. There are many institutes offering yoga courses.. Apart from this, candidates are also given training for these courses. In such a situation, you can also make a career by doing yoga courses. It is in high demand now.

Fire Brigade

  • Many large private offices and government departments require firefighting personnel. Currently, the demand for fire fighters has increased. In such a situation you can make a career in this field by doing this course. There are many institutes offering Fire Brigade courses..

Hotel Management

  • After 12th, one can pursue a career in hotel management. There are many institutions across the country that offer these courses. If you want quick earning after 12th then you can do hotel management course. This course is currently in good demand. In the beginning you can get 25 to 30 thousand rupees.


  • After 12th students can also pursue career in BBA and BCA. There are many institutes that provide both these courses. Both the courses are of 3 years duration. Placement is easy after completing the course and the starting salary can be up to Rs 20 thousand. Salary also increases every year depending on experience in this field.

Polytechnic Diploma

  • Students can pursue a career even with a polytechnic diploma. Group A, Group B and Group C courses are offered under Polytechnic. After this course you can also take admission in engineering or if you want to get a job immediately you can also get it. After completing this course, the salary will start from 20 thousand rupees.

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