Check PF Balance : How to check pf account balance online.

Check PF Balance : EPFO has recently announced interest. After that, we are now being asked when the interest announced by the EPAO account holders will be credited to our account. Although it has been many days since the interest was announced, the loan holders have not yet received it.

EPFO is saying that if the account holders ask about it, your interest will be credited to your account soon. But the exact date is not being told. Meanwhile, in this background let’s know how EPFO ​​account holders can check whether their interest has accrued or not.

Check PF Balance

Many people are asking when will the interest accrue for the financial year 2023-24. But you will not be harmed. EPFO is saying that interest will be paid to you as per rules. EPFO has slightly increased interest rates for the year 2023-24. Earlier this rate was 8.15 percent. Now it has been increased to 8.25 percent. This will benefit millions of EPFO ​​account holders in the country.

EPFO had paid interest to 28.17 crore EPF members across the country for the financial year 2022-23 till March 2024. Has the account holder accrued this interest? EPFO had said that it should be checked.

How to Check PF Balance
How to Check PF Balance

How to Check PF Balance

  • First of all you have to open the Umang app.
  • Next go to EPFO ​​option and click on All Services section.
  • Then go to Track Claims option and click on ‘Employee Centric Services’ tab.
  • Then enter UAN number and click on OTP option.
  • Enter the given OTP and click on the Next tab.
  • Then you will see all your claim status.

EPFO’s website is also a good option to check whether your account has accrued interest or not. Go to this website and select the Employee Login option. Then click on Services option. Go to this section and click on Member Passbook. Then enter your UAN number and password, captcha. Then you will know whether interest has accrued on the passbook or not.

How to Check PF Balance

Even with the help of SMS, you can know whether the interest has been credited to your PF account or not. For that you have to send the message “EPFOHO UAN” to the mobile number 7738299899. You can then access your account information in any of 9 languages.

You can also get your EPFO ​​account information through Missed Call Service. For that you have to give a missed call on 9966044425 from your registered mobile number. After that you will be given your EPFO ​​account details.

How to Check PF Balance

EPFO has launched a special portal to solve all the problems of its account holders. Account holders can know the exact status of their PF with the help of this portal. Also, if they have made a PF claim, the account holders can also know its exact status. With the help of this portal, information related to the PF account, the amount deposited by them, the interest paid by the government on the deposited amount, adding nominees can be done.

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